What Is A She-covery, And Are We In One?

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What Is A She-covery?



The State Of Women In Today’s Economy

  • 32 years of progress toward gender equity in the labor markets vanished, all in the span of 11 months.
  • Pre-pandemic, achieving intersectional gender equity in the labor market would have strengthened our economy by $789 billion.
  • The gender pay gap widened by five percentage points during the pandemic, erasing 22 years of progress toward pay equity.
  • Pre-pandemic, closing the intersectional gender pay gap would have strengthened our economy by $512 billion.
  • The unemployment rate for all women is 5.0%
  • The unemployment rate for Black women is 7.6%
  • The unemployment rate for Latinas is 6.7%

Slow Or No She-covery = Massive Economic Write-off

Wages for all workers increase by 5% for every 10% increase in women’s labor force participation.

Steps To Guarantee A She-covery

1. Implement a true pay equity law

2. Implement a national paid leave policy

3. Use advanced technology to ensure equity of opportunity in the workplace

4. Prioritize equitable skilling



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Katica Roy

Katica Roy


CEO of Pipeline Equity | Gender Economist | Award-Winning Leader | On a mission to achieve gender equity, once and for all. www.pipelineequity.com