Progress Check: Are Companies Fulfilling Their DEI Promises?

  • Transparency: a behind-the-scenes look at my day-to-day.
  • Inclusivity: bringing others along in the journey.

The DEI Pledge-to-Progress Gap



DEI Pledge + Disclosure Data From ‘Just Capital’

  • Of the 301 companies tracked, 199 made a public statement in support of Black Lives Matter.
  • Of those 199 companies who say they stand with Black Lives Matter, 47% have yet to disclose any data on the racial/ethnic makeup of their workforce.
  • Only 9% have released detailed information on their workforce by gender, race/ethnicity, and occupational category.

DEI Pledge + Disclosure Data From the ‘Workforce Disclosure Initiative’

  • The number of companies submitting data increased by 20% year over year: 141 companies in 2020 versus 118 companies in 2019.
  • The amount of data submitted by companies also increased year over year. In 2020, companies submitted 61% of requested data, whereas in 2019 they submitted only 40%.
  • Nearly all companies (98%) pledged to improve their workforce diversity, but only 75% disclosed the gender breakdown of their employee base and only 36% disclosed the racial/ethnic breakdown of their employee base.
  • 57% of companies provided gender pay equity data and only 4% provided racial/ethnic pay equity data.
  • Nearly all companies (96%) stated their policies on discrimination and harassment, but only 41% disclosed the number of discrimination and harassment cases reported in their workplaces.

What We Can Learn From These Reports

  1. The number of companies disclosing their diversity data is increasing. (Good)
  2. The gap between signing a DEI pledge and disclosing DEI data still exists. (Room for improvement)



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Katica Roy


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