Pay Transparency Laws Create Confusion & Controversy — What’s Going On?

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Sifting Through Pay Transparency Laws



The question we need to answer is: What sort of behavior will pay transparency laws produce in the long-term? What are the third and fourth order effects? We don’t know yet.

Pay Transparency Laws In Colorado & New York City

How Are People Reacting To Pay Transparency Legislation?

Context Matters: We Need To Look At The Bigger Picture

  • It sheds light on the issue of pay inequity
  • It returns agency to workers by removing information asymmetries
  • It provides companies with a competitive advantage in a tight labor market
  • It allows workers to use salary information to craft their career paths in a manner that best suits their economic needs




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Katica Roy

Katica Roy


CEO of Pipeline Equity | Gender Economist | Award-Winning Leader | On a mission to achieve gender equity, once and for all.