Marketing’s Role In Achieving Intersectional Gender Equity

  • Transparency: a behind-the-scenes look at my day-to-day.
  • Inclusion: bringing others along on the journey.

Can Marketing Move The Needle On Gender Equity?



Marketing (Alone) Can’t Improve Your Company’s DEI

  • A compliance mechanism
  • A social media campaign
  • An extra-curricular
  • An advertisement
  • A one-off training
  • An event
  • Only for women
  • Only for underrepresented employees

Marketing’s Role In The Gender Equity Conversation

  • Gender roles are hard to break: Only 7% of women and 9% of men in advertisements are shown in non-stereotyped roles.
  • Ageism abounds: 30% of ads portray a man who appears 40+ but only 19% portray a woman who appears 40+.
  • Misrepresentation is still a problem: Only 29% of US women believe they are accurately represented in ads; only 6% say ads portray them very accurately.
  • Men want to see progress: 51% of men want to see women shown in more leadership positions.

When Done Right, Inclusive Marketing Improves Brand Perception

Women control over $6.4 trillion of US spending. Why would companies want to alienate their customer base?

Resources For Inclusive Marketing

  1. 3Ps Unstereotype Framework: Apply this framework from the Unstereotype Alliance to create inclusive marketing collateral.
  2. 12-point Guide for Diversity & Representation: The World Federation of Advertisers offers this open-source guide for marketers to stress-test their messaging against unconscious biases.
  3. GEM®: SeeHer uses a data-driven methodology to help marketers remove gender bias from media projects. (Membership required)



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Katica Roy

Katica Roy


CEO of Pipeline Equity | Gender Economist | Award-Winning Leader | On a mission to achieve gender equity, once and for all.