How Will The Election Impact Your D&I Strategy?

  • Transparency: a behind-the-scenes look at my day-to-day.
  • Inclusivity: bringing others along in the journey.

The Future of D&I In A Post-Election USA



The outcome of the presidential election (or any election, really) should not influence your approach to creating and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. You should continue to follow DEI best practices regardless of who occupies the White House.

What do I mean by “DEI best practices?”

  • Employee resource groups
  • Diversity training
  • Increased flexibility for working mothers
  • Women’s leadership conferences
  • A Chief Diversity Officer
  • Donating millions of dollars to charity
  • Re-writing job descriptions

In the US alone, diversity training (which has proven ineffective at changing behavior) is an $8 billion industry annually.

DEI best practices include:

  1. Using AI to measure & report on key diversity metrics. We use data to measure progress toward business objectives that matter. So if DEI matters to your organization, measure it with the help of advanced technology. See here for how to get started with diversity measurement and see here to find out how the Pipeline™ platform drives DEI results via AI and cloud computing.
  2. Committing to data transparency. Take your diversity metrics a step further by publishing them. Even if you’re not required by state or federal law to publish diversity reports (yet), you should do so anyway. Job seekers, investors, and consumers are all expressing an increased desire to see your company’s progress behind the press release.
  3. Offering workplace benefits that lift the burden of the second shift. Women’s unpaid labor has increased by 153% during the pandemic, causing women to leave the workforce. If you have the margin, consider adding important benefits such as paid caregiver leave and childcare reimbursements. Guaranteeing pay and promotion equity for mothers should be a given.

And why should you follow these “DEI best practices” regardless of the election outcomes?

More than half (56%) of US adults believe that the business community has yet to take tangible steps to close equity gaps within their organizations — despite the flood of media attention given to the issue.



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Katica Roy

Katica Roy


CEO of Pipeline Equity | Gender Economist | Award-Winning Leader | On a mission to achieve gender equity, once and for all.