Gender Mainstreaming: A New Paradigm For Effective Policy Making

  • Transparency: a behind-the-scenes look at my day-to-day.
  • Inclusivity: bringing others along in the journey.

Gender Mainstreaming 101



Nearly all policy issues can become pro-gender equity when we view them through the intersectional gender lens.

Gender Mainstreaming In Action

  1. While overall unemployment sits at 7.9%, women’s unemployment is 8%, Black women’s unemployment is 11.1%, and Latina’s unemployment is 11% (up from 10.5% in August).
  2. Of the more than 1.1 million workers who dropped out of the labor force (i.e. they are not working nor looking for work) last month, 865,000 were women and 216,000 were men.
  3. Of those 865,000 women who dropped out of the labor force, 324,000 were Latina and 58,000 were Black.

The insights uncovered by disaggregating data by gender and race/ethnicity provide a more complete picture of what’s happening in our country. This more complete picture is the starting point to create better, more equitable policies across all verticals.



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Katica Roy

Katica Roy


CEO of Pipeline Equity | Gender Economist | Award-Winning Leader | On a mission to achieve gender equity, once and for all.